1.3.2023: In 2023, the journal Bulgarian Neurology introduced ORCID for its online edition.

In the online edition of the journal Bulgarian Neurology (ISSN 2815-2522 (Online)), authors submitting material for publication have the opportunity to add information about their ORCID scientific identifier. The 2023 issues are published online with these optional but recommended identifiers in connection with the ongoing effort of the Bulgarian Society of Neurology to increase the recognition of authors in international databases indexing periodicals with scientific information.

ORCID (Open Researcher and Contributor ID) is a non-proprietary alphanumeric code for uniquely identifying authors and contributors to scholarly communication, as well as profiling the ORCID website for searching authors and their bibliographic output.
ORCID addresses the problem that an author's contribution to scientific literature or publications can be difficult to recognize because most personal names are not unique, they can change, have cultural differences in the order of names, contain inconsistent use of the first - name abbreviations and use different writing systems. ORCID provides a permanent identification number that is created and edited by the author or ex officio by an institution, with the corresponding profile information available for review and changes by the author.

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