Optical coherence tomography and neurodegeneration in multiple sclerosis


  • Silvia Cherninkova UMHAT "Alexandrovska"


optical coherence tomography, multiple sclerosis


Optical coherence tomography is a contemporary optical non-invasive method for studying of the retinal layers, their morphological characteristics and size (in microns). With the help of OCT a structure of the central nervous system such as the retina consisting of isolated axons in the peripapillary nerve fibre layer (pRNFL) and retinal ganglion cells (neurons) in ganglionary cellular complex + inner plexiform layer in the macula (GCCIPL) can be directly examined, i.e. to trace the axonal loss and neurodegeneration in multiple sclerosis patients. Data from the literature on the use of OCT in multiple sclerosis patients with or without optic neuritis for assessment of the axonal loss and neurodegeneration are summarized, as well as the OCT findings in different forms of multiple sclerosis – relapsing-remitting and primary or secondary progressive. The more pronounced thinning of the RNFL/GCCIPL is associated with the disease progression and disability of the patient. Correlations of the OCT data with EDSS, with the magnetic resonance tomography finding, with the cognitive impairment and other are presented.


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